A page for us to post messages in case our power goes out. I can borrow my neighbors phones to check this page. Then I will know if I need to head your way to download some dialog and whether or not you have power.

2:40 pm Thur:

We have power both at home and the studio.  We never lost power thankfully.  Two things, we got paid for Power Bed 30! AND, Sarah wanted to know what we (you)

are charging for that extra fix? Was that yesterday?  I said I would get back to her yesterday and forgot with all of the distractions.  What do you want me to bill for you for that?

Last time we billed $75 but I’m not sure how this compares. We can bill once you are back with power and read this etc…  I’m going home next with Brad who is doing some work at our house.

And I have to let Ramiro in to do a dumps trip and to bring him some cash for the dumps.  I’ve been working in the studio.  The reverbs came back damaged from UPS mis handling them.  Bent rack ears which we bent back and they do work. I hooked up my new Roland keyboards and grounded them.  Next I’m hooking up the drum machines.  So I can work on Sarah’s show music. Brad is working on cabling for the video room.

6am Thu:

I have power at the house now. Its very windy here. But the interactive PG&E map shows the studio in Blackhawk and that whole area is without power.  I will drive there soon and check to see if this is the case.  I am meeting Brad there to clean up and finish some connections.  But we can use natural light from the window and battery lights which I have. Hopefully this doesn’t hang us up for the weekend project deadline.  I was planning on doing some more tracks today.  Also, Tim Z DAW is down at the moment due to tech problem that he says may take until tonight to fix! I assume you are off in Moraga. But I didn’t check on the map for your house.