Perfect Jingle

Sell it with a Song

Perfect Jingle creates songs that sell your product. With over 2 billion in sales, 400,000 hours on air, and over 400 campaigns, we know what works. “Music has great power to affect our emotions. And the Perfect Jingle will trigger that feel-good response inside your viewers bones that will cause them to buy your product!” says Pat Rickey, President -Downpat Music.

Music has great power to affect our emotions. Viewers buy when they feel good, and carefully crafted, original music scored to your infomercial or spot creates an emotional, feel-good response inside the viewer.

How We Work:

  1. Contact us to discuss your project
  2. Send us your lyric or we will create a lyric
  3. We’ll compose the Perfect Jingle


  • You’ve refined the script and honed your message.

  • You’ve shot your commercial.

  • You’ve edited and added graphics.

  • Now contact us for the Perfect Jingle!

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