Ex. 1 Before – temp music

Temp music is placed for the video editor to aid in video edit timing. Often this temp music ends up staying in the final video out of budget or time constraints or simply accepting it as part of the “good enough” syndrome.

Timing music hits to picture, alternating percussion loops, and layering modern orchestration.


Ex. 1 After
Goal – add a seriousness with building energy.

Ex. 2 Before – temp music

Your music composition for our videos nailed it Pat!

Paul Francis, Founder, OYO Fitness

Paul Francis asked for motivating music that would inspire their viewers into taking action and to order the product on the spot. He complained the temp music was depressing.


Ex. 2 After
Goal – create a sudden impactful hit at the product shot that makes the product bigger than life.

Your scores elevate every production!

Tim Jasinski, Co-Founder, Paradigm Direct

Ex. 3 Before – temp music

Ex. 3 After
Goal – building music used to emphasize the multiple uses of the product.

With OYO Nova, Paul Francis demanded more and turned to Downpat Music to work its magic with the music and dialog as shown below.