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Downpat’s music has helped sell over $1 billion in DRTV products


Swoosh, Boom, Crash! We add SFX built into the music.

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As Heard on TV

Downpat Music produced the music soundtrack for the new CarShield Infomercial now airing Nationally.  A wide variety of music was used for the testimonials, interviews, and the CTAs.
  • Original Soundtracks

  • Library Music

  • Music Editing

  • Audio Sweetening

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Successful DRTV Campaigns Have One Thing In Common, Downpat’s Music!

Why Choose Downpat Music?

Downpat brings your shows and spots to life, adding emotion and energy to your production. Music is the emotion of any production and it makes your viewers feel good. When your viewers feel good, they buy. Video and dialog provide the technical information, but it is the music that pulls out the emotion. Successful producers rely on Downpat Music to create the perfect emotional soundtrack for their hit shows.

You know Downpat has touched the project because the project or product touches you. Remember your favorite song? How it makes you feel good? That’s what Downpat’s music does.
Forbes Riley, TV Fitness Celebrity
We are musicians that love producing music. Whether it is for a 30 sec spot or full length infomercial. Composing music that adds to the emotional impact of the picture is what we do best.
Each show calls out for something new. A sound to set it apart from the rest. It could be a melody, it could be an instrument, it could be a mood, or it could be all three. This sound is what draws viewers in. Many of our soundtracks have stayed with the show for 10 years +. Themes like Carelton Sheets, Rug Dr., SMC Money Makers Live, The Juiceman. Memorable music that melts into the product and becomes one. When you hear it, it’s meant to be, it sticks, it works, like magic!
Over $1 Billion in Sales
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